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As I prepared to write the first entry for this weblog, I thought it would be useful to consider who will read it. I put myself in the role of a web-surfing consumer and rhetorically asked the question “Why are you here?”

I began to make a list of the reasons:

  1. To get practical information about preventing heart disease.
  2. To learn about a medical procedure.
  3. To understand more about a diagnosis.

My topics became more specific as my list grew longer. But then it occurred to me that the first question that comes to a visitor's mind is just as likely to be “Why is HE here?” That is a more fundamental question, and one I am obliged to answer in this inaugural post.

Here's the short answer: I am investing my time and resources in this project because I care about my patients. That includes the current ones, of course, but also the ones I haven't met yet. I intend to use this online venue as a tool to communicate up-to-date information about preventing and treating heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

But this blog is about more than just educating healthcare consumers, which is a service many clearinghouse websites do very well; it is about using that information to make practical connections in our everyday lives. When armed with reliable, timely information, we all can make better decisions. That is true for patients as well as physicians.

I also want visitors to this site to appreciate their common perspectives. People who are concerned about their hearts, especially those who are experiencing difficulties, share motivations and emotions. Those who are losing hope are looking for options and encouragement. Those who fear a prognosis or procedure, are seeking reassurance. Those who want to prevent heart problems before they occur are looking for advice and positive reinforcement.

In short, we're all looking to understand and to be understood.

Elsewhere on my website you can read about my experience, education, certifications, etc. But my most important qualification is that I truly care about my patients, and I treat every one with the respect and compassion that I would give to any member of my family. Thanks for your time. I hope you will bookmark this page and visit again very soon. If you have a question, or a suggestion about a future topic for this blog, you may contact me via this link.

Until next time, please remember Your Heart Matters.

NOTE: Dr. Adel Eldin is an interventional cardiologist with offices in Brooksville and Wesley Chapel, Fla. Information published here is a starting point for making decisions about your medical care. Never forget that all important medical decisions should be made in consultation with your physician.