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Brooksville Cardiology's Miracle Patients

The following articles are protected by copyrights held by Florida Health Care News, Inc., and are used with permission. Our goal at Brooksville Cardiology is to provide our patients, from all over the world, with the finest Interventional Cardiology care possible. We specialize in cardiology, which includes the examination, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the heart. Please take a moment to read about our miracle patients and their success stories!

Winter 2005

Link to: 05Winter.pdf
Miracle: Compassion, exacting care and quick responses save lives.

Summer 2005

Link to: 05Summer.pdf
Miracle: Getting to the heart of the matter.

Spring 2005

Link to: 05Spring.pdf
Miracle: "ECP really worked for out for me!"

Winter 2004

Link to: 04Winter.pdf
Miracle: Breakthrough therapy for heart patients with angina and congestive heart failure.

Summer 2004

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Miracle: Meticulous care for patients with complex health issues.

Spring 2004

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Miracle: "He just lifted up my spirits like an angel."

Fall 2004

Link to: 04Fall.pdf
Miracle: "If it weren't for Dr. Eldin, I wouldn't be alive today."

Winter 2003

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Miracle: Former NYPD officer found his "miracle."

Summer 2003

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Miracle: "She was literally hanging on by a thread."

Spring 2003

Link to: 03Spring.pdf
Miracle: "He saved my life."

Fall 2003

Link to: 03Fall.pdf
Miracle: "I owe the man. He saved my life."

Winter 2002

Link to: 02Winter.pdf
Miracle: "I thought you had to have PAIN for it to be a heart attack!"

Summer 2002

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Miracle: "He's My Miracle Man!"

Spring 2002

Link to: 02Spring.pdf
Miracle: Life-saving cardiac care.

Fall 2002

Link to: 02Fall.pdf
Miracle: "I had no reason to think this was going to happen to me!"

Winter 2001

Link to: 01Winter.pdf
Miracle: "He's My Miracle Man!"

Summer 2001

Link to: 01Summer.pdf
Miracle: Cardiac culprit caught "just in time."

Spring 2001

Link to: 01Spring.pdf
Miracle: Life-saving cardiac care.

Fall 2001

Link to: 01Fall.pdf
Miracle: "He's My Miracle Man!"